Justyna Żychalska

Justyna Żychalska

Warszawa / składniki: rower, kaptur, gorzka czekolada, szkicownik, internet, rumieńce
Justyna Żychalska
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Flora (n.) Origin—from Flora, Roman goddess of flowers Definition—plant life; plants of a particular region or period Ex.—Pollution is harming not only the residents in the city but also its flora and fauna.

My personal project

"Flying Flowers", 'October'-Callendar - Digital Illustration and Graphic Computer by Artur Szygulski (Poland).

BIRD MASK Cast urethane bird mask. Hand painted and wearable. The eyes can be seen through.

Tengu bird mask by Miss monster. Tengu are a type of legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion and are also considered a type of Shinto god

Chris Ryniak from "Inlé" group show, 3/11/11 at G1988

One of my favorite things by CMR. Still regret not spending the more-than-I-wanted-to-pay pricetag when it went on sale. And still hoping a print will be made (Chris Ryniak from "Inlé" group show, at


For the design of these very snow bears I did a lot of research. Finally, I used for colour reference (like brown tones of the cabins, blue .