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Zuzanna Jagła
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Game of Thrones facts.  The last fact made my night. I knew filch, thought Osha looked familiar, but I'm pumped about lady stark!!

Game of Thrones facts. I learned something new about Harry Potter today: Hermione's mom is Robb Starks mom! So does this mean Hermione and Robb are brother and sister?

Frozen Birthday party

Crystals birthday party Disney Frozen Birthday Party - Supplies, cakes and other ideas! Disney Frozen kids birthday party anna elsa olaf decorations favors food snacks dessert drinks snowflake snowman by jan

Garland made with Christmas lights and tulle in any color for any holiday

DIY: Tulle Garland Lights - basic tutorial, but so easy! Made using strips of tulle tied to Christmas lights. Green or red tulle for christmas!

watching it happen to a character you hate - violent cheering

Honestly, I couldn't watch the remainder of the fight between Ser Gregor Clegane and Oberyn Martell; once the Mountain grabbed the Viper's ankle, I knew Only Bad Things Would Happen. I shielded my eyes and hummed!