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ondivaga: Miss Daily Mood: Mini Pavlova by Kwestia Smaku ♥


Diy Projects: How to make Pepperoni Roll

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Lemon and carrot fish

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Omg bacon grill cheese my fave. Crispy Bacon Grilled Cheese Roll Ups! My new favorite! Melty gooey cheese all wrapped in crispy bacon.

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Do you want to make a heart shaped cake to show your love for someone special? You don’t have to buy a special heart-shaped pan to make one. Here’s a little trick for you to make a heart shaped cake with the two basic pans you might already have: the …


How do you usually seal a plastic bag? I just tie a knot or use a clip. Here is a creative, simple and useful way to seal a plastic bag using a plastic bottle cap. I really love the idea. It’s just as easy as opening a plastic bottle. It …