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horseshoe tattoo, foot tattoo


Personalized Horse Jewelry HandStamped Jewelry by ThatKindaGirl, $18.00

Horse in Horseshoe Necklace - Horse Themed Gifts, Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories all for Horse Lovers | Back In The Saddle

Little Horse Love pendant or charm, Horse Shoe, Heart. $10.00, via Etsy.

Double horseshoes with a turquoise accent bead say “horses give you wings” etched on the back. Find more of our horse inspired jewelry at islandcowgirl.com.

Little Hoof Print on my Heart Pendant or Charm, Rustic Horse Jewelry, Horse Lover Gift, horse shoe print on Etsy, $11.00

horse track / footprint sticker / hoof print decal in Collectibles, Animals, Wild Animals | eBay

Is it wrong that when reading this I said Fare and Moal... I think I need some sleep!