Stay hydrated with the watermelon detox water. Filled with watermelon, cucumber and mint. A refreshing sugar free drink.

To clarify: there is no such thing as detoxing. Probably don't eat garbage food if you're worried about your body having "toxins". BUT this watermelon water looks so refreshing

I have a little girl and like most little girls, I assume, we are knee deep in Princess everything around here.  Beyond that, I am discovering that girls, at least my little girl, is a great crafti…

31 Princess Crafts

So cute for a little girl birthday party or baby shower! * Make These Adorable Marshmallow Tutu Pops Using Cupcake Liners *

Przepis na kokosowy omlet z bananem i borówkami. Przepis na śniadanie, przepisy missberry, zdrowe śniadanie, pożywny posiłek, zdrowe słodkości, omlet bez mąki.

Kokosowy omlet z bananem i borówkami

Vegan is beautiful

Fruit salad platter with watermelon, blueberries, kiwis, dragon fruit and passion fruit (dragon fruit recipes)

★ ★ ★

Confession: I’m intimidated by bread dough recipes. I feel like I never know if I’ve kneaded the dough long enough and then recipes always say to let the dough rise until double in size…

Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowl with muesli, almonds, coconut, goji berries, banana and strawberries 😝❤️😝