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an orange card with the name jaques written in cursive writing on it
a close up of a flower on top of a paper with the word ousit written in cursive writing
297 Odette — ELLE ET MOI
the wedding stationery is laid out on the ground with fan and other items to choose from
Bohemian Beach Wedding Inspiration | Festival Brides
a white plate sitting on top of a table
two pieces of paper with the word mail written on one side and stars on the other
Geboortekaartje Malu
the wedding stationery is designed to look like art deco
Clear Marquee Hire & Wedding Furniture Hire North Island
the wedding stationery is laid out on top of each other, including an envelope
two circles with the word sara on them and a dried flower in front of it
Geboortekaartje Sara
the logo for mayville greenhouse, which is located in front of a green background
Jaimakhija: I will do modern minimalist feminine logo design for $60 on fiverr.com
the logo for acryline earings, which is designed to be black and white
Modern Luxury Earrings Branding and Logo Design Inspiration