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two small stuffed animals wearing hats and scarves are held in someone's hands
А чудеса,они повсюду. Не надо далеко ходить. Проснулся утром - это чудо. Ещё прекрасней чудо - Жить
two snowmen with hats and scarves sitting on top of white fluffy blanketed material
Video of creating a Christmas candle decor.
a candle surrounded by pine cones and other decorations
a christmas wreath hanging on the front door with red berries, pine cones and evergreens
a table topped with candles and ornaments on top of a wooden slab filled with pine cones
Dekoracja ze słoików
instructions for how to make a paper christmas tree
DIY - świąteczne dekoracje okienne
a christmas tree made out of branches with lights and ornaments hanging from it's sides
two knitted snowmen sitting next to each other
Szysia: Świąteczne dekoracje. Wieniec na drzwi, choinka , bałwanki