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Their friendship is just too cute. They are even closer than brothers

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Awwww he looks so cute when he's sleeping.😇😍 my perfect little Angle

Keep Smiling - Video Shoot -

Keep Smiling - Video Shoot - BarsandMelody.

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A collection of some of our favourite Bars and Melody promo photos

Love his smile

Love his smile

Me too. Today was my school prom I didn't go because I have no friends to go with or a boyfriend. I wish you were hear with me. I didn't want to go tho. I am homed schooled but all the home schoolers get to gather and take classes and things so they have a prom every year. I see pictures of friends having fun I am happy for them but it makes me fell sad because my friend lives in a deferent country and I have never got to see her but we talk every day. Love you girl. I love you too Leondre

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