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a woman with orange hair and glasses holding up a money bill to her face while looking at the camera
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a person sitting in the back seat of a car with their feet on the steering wheel
a woman sitting on the bleachers with her legs crossed and looking at the camera
Manny La Flare.
a woman's face with yellow flowers painted on her eyes
These are the times, when hopes are dashed and chaos abounds - that golden opportunities, prized ideas, and new friends emerge into the view of all, but at first are seen only by the few who look. Let's go crazy, ~TUT
a person holding a sparkler in their hand
Fotografie: Bryan Adam Castillo - Nächtliches aus Arizona
undefined Mehr (Cool Photography)
a woman with her hair flying in the air, wearing jeans and a yellow crop top
is your hair short, medium or long? @prequel
a stack of chocolate bars stacked on top of each other
Photo (Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men)
A Chocolate bar a day, keeps the hot & horny's away!❤️ A substitute for SEX!
a woman holding a light in her hand with the sun shining behind her on a foggy day
90 Clever & Creative Conceptual Photography Ideas – Bashooka
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cinnamon sticks are arranged on a wooden table
Spice Up Your Life #2: The Benefits Of Cinnamon
The benefits of Cinnamon (from The Iron You)