Słodkie kurczaczki

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These must be fancy chickens because they're wearing such fancy hats. Chicks in Hats is the brainchild of Julie Persons; she sells a variety of magnets, notecards, and calendars sporting these da

Heritage Baby Chicks 15 varieties Of the most popular Egg Layers

Baby Chicks With Tiny Hats Because we need more baby chicks with tiny hats in this world. By ©Chicks In Hats

Note Card Chicks in Beret Hats Folded Photo Card With Envelope From chicksinhats on Etsy

Chicks In Hats is a photoseries by Julie Persons. Prints, greeting cards, magnets, and a 2013 calendar featuring the absurdly adorable shots are available

Photo Print Chick Wearing Wedding Veil and Top Hat Photograph

People need to stop doing this.