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Seungkwan looks so nice here

chun ji and chang jo - The Star Magazine August Issue ‘15

Teen Top - The Star Magazine August Issue Chunji md Chanjo - TeenTop ❤️

BTS Suga as Kakashi. I dont think u understand how much in crying right at this moment ; i can't i ♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥ kakashi so so sooooo much and then i luv suga to is this even real life am i dreaming!

The struggle...XD I LOVE BOTH OF THEM ♡

The struggle. Although I think that by far, Woozi is the shortest and the cutest idol ever!O is like a tiny mature man.


Jun Seventeen He was actually my very first bias in Seventeen. I thought he was the most handsome member, until I got to know more about Seventeen and realized they are all visuals lol