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The Ultimate Inner-Thigh Workout

The Ultimate Inner-Thigh Workout - From maxi skirts with thigh-high slits to high-cut shorts, leg-baring fashions are in! Whatever you're wearing, toned inner thighs will help you rock your look. We have a created a 10-minute workout that focuses on toning and tightening the inner thighs. But don't you worry, your entire body will be worked. Grab a mat, press play, and get ready to work your legs like never before.

8 best moves to your leanest and sexiest legs.

The BEST Inner Thigh Workout That You Will EVER Do!

8 Exercises to Target Your Lower Abs

Banish “Paunch Belly” With This Cool Kettlebell Core Exercise called the Halo

30 Day Challenge: for someone like me this may be a little excessive to start, but good concepts and workout in here!

5 Day Flat Belly Challenge!! - Natalie Jill Fitness | OFFICIAL SITE

Pilates Butt Workout

Pilates Butt Workout - PositiveMed

The Quickest "We Wear Short Shorts" Leg Workout

Some great leg work outs! I'm looking for a way to switch up my leg workout from the typical squats and lunges and I think this will fit the bill.