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Pastel baby pink, blue, and lavender.
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If you’re into list-making as much as we are, then you’re going to love this ultimate list of lists! Plus, on the blog today—why our brains LOVE lists...
Yayayyaya This. Makes me happy
the raven cycle | trc | ronan lynch x adam parrish | pynch
What do happiness, the ability to say yes and learning gratitude have in common? They are all things you need to be a better you. Watch these 12 Ted talks to be inspired to become a better you.
It's not just a journal entry, it's self-care with every line written. If you're feeling at a loss over what to write, eBay can help you find your words with these prompts to help you tell your story.
Nice list of books! http://thebecomer.com/top-8-books-invest-last-one-created-millionaires-book-history-human-kind/
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