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The Best Funny Pictures Of Today's Internet

Builder Didier Burtin shows that your LEGO bricks causing great foot pain was their devious plan the whole time, with his brick-built interpretation of the meme. Didier’s build is my favorite of all the physically built versions I’ve seen, especially with

GIF-   Biggest Niall Horan fan= Niall Horan lol

gif Niall Horan + his wax figure he is like literally the biggest Niall girl ever>>>>honestly, I would kiss his wax figure just because he's kissed it.>>>>> I never thought I would wish to be a wax figure.

The REAL ending to the History video guys this makes me so happy please watch Pinterest | @givememynameplx

Oooihhhhhhhh myyy goodnesssss😍😍😍😍 The End of the HISTORY video guys. it's soooooo beautiful. I'm still not over the fact that they didn't put it in the mv