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Borderlands fanart by INKtrashing on tumblr.

I started a new game of Borderlands 2 with Fal over the weekend.

Zer0 and Maya by Porkapine

Can't stop thinking about Borderlands so I drew these two because my friend and I finished the game with them (my friend as me as Maya) and Maya

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel - Nisha the Lawbringer

I got hit with a killer infection this week after catching the flu so the only thing I& been able to do outside of bed is raw sketchwork. Have some rough draftwork ideas for a triple panel piece while I bury myself in tissues over here.

RefreshingZer0 - Mel Guzzardi Handsome Jack - Shenae Guzzardi

blackkolors: ā€œ to-opportunity: ā€œ guzzardiart: ā€œ Our Borderlands 2 cosplay, hope you like it! These costumes took a while for us to make Cā€™: - Mel Guzzardi Handsome Jack - Shenae.