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an old photo of two women with masks on their faces
ANASTASIA ━━ regulus black (C.S)
a woman laying on top of a beach next to the ocean under a full moon
Artemis Dreaming
an image of two human bones in the middle of a room with text that reads anatomy of a hug'd by luna lu
‘Who Was The Nicest Celeb You’ve Ever Met?’—25 Replies
a boat in the water with a message written on it that says i am not where you left me
fried egg I'm in love
Humour, Texts, True Quotes, Feelings Quotes, Graffiti Quotes, Mood Quotes, Humor, Quote Aesthetic
[Student Council Pet] Yandere! Inarizaki x Reader
a white sculpture hanging from the ceiling in an empty room
Discarded Plastic Bags Sculptures by Khalil Chishtee • Recyclart
a white sculpture sitting on top of a chair covered in pieces of torn up paper
the skeleton of a man is displayed in front of a clock
a group of people in the water with their heads submerged
Diary of a Madman
an old book page with two men fighting over the head of a demon and another man holding
And Not to Yield: Photo
an old drawing of a man holding a pole in the air with another man standing next to him
Antipodes by Vassilev Vesselin, Gravure