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bring the 707 out

Despite her petite frame, Zoë Kravitz has broken the mold when it comes to rising young talents. After years of paying her dues, Kravitz is hitting her s…

From Miley to Cara: How to Seriously Master an Edgy Look

Forget the clothes.  Look at those BOOTS!  LEVI’S® TASTEMAKERS - Zoë Kravitz

Want to get the full story behind Zoë Kravitz x Levi's®? Visit the Levi's website to explore Zoë Kravitz style and see how Zoë Kravitz wears her Levi's®.

Pin for Later: Zoë Kravitz Looks Nearly Identical to Her Mom, Lisa Bonet

Zoe Kravitz & Odeya Rush Are Classic Beauties in the New Coach Campaign: Photo Zoe Kravitz looks just like her mom, Lisa Bonet, in long dreadlocks during a shopping trip with a friend on Monday afternoon (September in New York City.