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Love the natural make-up look? Then you'll adore this easy how-to.

Photos from Kendall and Kylie’s new Pacsun collection

Kendall Jenner is such a beauty! If you'd like pictures this stunning in your own model portfolio, drop us a line via our online application form and we'll work with you to create a high-end set of portfolio pics.

Kendall Jenner. I know she's part of that whole Kardashian/Jenner clan but she's super super pretty

Kendall Jenner #Kendall_Jenner #Woman #Beauty

I hate when I have somewhere to be and I walk out to my car and one direction is sitting on top of it. Like get out of here you white kids.

So a girl in my English class says that she love one direction and I asked her a million questions like "who's Kevin?" "Name all of them and point at their pictures" easy stuff like that and she failed all of them. She mixed Louis and Liam up and she was like "OMG MY FAV IS NEIL (yes she said neil) HES SO CUTE AND HES SO BRITISH AND HIS ACCENT IS SO CUTE AND IM GOINF RO THEIR CONCERT IN LIKE A FEW DAYS OMG ILL TOTALLY BE FANGIRLING" I almost slapped her across the face like go to tw fandom

One Direction | 2013 Earnings: $18,041,472.69 | Music's Top 40 Money Makers 2014: The Rich List

They have made it so far *tear* (':

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