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Male Rus kaftan hand block stamped

Male Rus kaftan hand block stamped - really like this but would necessitate a whole wardrobe change!

Thor’s hammer amulet found in Ödeshög/Östergötland in Sweden. Viking, 10th century

A century Thor's Hammer (Mjölnir) from Odeshog, Sweden. These pendants were widely used as religious amulets during the Viking era, with wearers hoping to invoke the favor of the thunder and fertility god Thor

Знатный воин дружины русов. Конец X - начало XI века.  По материалам погребений могильника Шестовицы, Черниговской обл.

Russia 900 - 1000 e:kr: another good drawing. Novgorodian (rus Viking hat w/tip), shuba only opens to waist, belt pouch from Novgorod finds.

Prepare to Fall in Love with These 2017 Kitchen Trends

Compact kitchen renovation with brass drawer pulls, white subway tile backsplash, geometric patterned black and white honeycomb hexagon tiles and DIY open shelves: