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Heat 3 Survival Gear Smart Gloves (Black) - Designed for European Special Forces for warmth, grip and dexterity

Postpartum mom, breastfeeding newborn, and placenta -- this image by photographer and doula Lindsey Welch @linzw1976 takes our breath away. Welch has received a ton of response. "I knew when I took [this] photograph that it was something special, but I honestly didn't expect to get the amount of interest that it did! ... It never occurred to me that people would be so enchanted," she tells CafeMom.

Newborn Photo Prop Baby Kiss Hat by MitziKnitz on Etsy, $27.00 I am for sure doing this since mine and michael's word to each other is kisses

Christmas photo ideas,little girl

Komunikat Ministerstwa Prawdy nr 520: Odkrywca protestów

Get one outfit and make a collage of how your belly grew through the pregnancy! I love baby bump timelines!

Before and after baby maternity shoot

Newborn Photo edit background: The background effect was done using the brush tool on soft and masking out the baby. on a seperate layer I used the brush tool to color the background which colored over the outer edges of the baby. I then added a mask which allowed me to remove the brush on the baby as I desired.