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Zosia Urbankowska

Zosia Urbankowska
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And it wasn't about weight until later on in the disorder.

Sometimes it isn't physically obvious when someone has an eating disorder. Just because someone doesn't look like they're unhealthily thin does not mean that they're not suffering from an eating disorder as well.

I don't just want to be thinner I want to see my ribs completely, have my stomach cave in, fit my hands around my arms and no fat.

Being a mother of three I can't always make it to the gym so I use this quick little workout with a run as well!! If you want the changes you will make a way and find a way to workout some how!! If you fall off a little bit get back up and keep pushing!!!

Got no time for the gym today? That's fine. I am sure you can make time to spare just a few minutes on your body! Here s a little insanity workout for you guys that you can do by yanbuchanan