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Girl from Russia. Reich Minister of culture. There are just an aesthetics of the Third Reich and b&w photos and nothing else. No propaganda.

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Lea Michele and Becca Tobin leaving Beyonce's Formation World Tour

Lea Michele & Becca Tobin Hit The Beyonce Concert Together in LA: Photo Lea Michele and Becca Tobin stick close together while leaving the Beyonce concert at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (September The two…

Glee will end after next season

Observation Introduction My second observation will be centered around Rachel Berry from Glee. Rachel is a female within the adolescent time period of her life as she is a high school sophomore. She is lives in Lima, Ohio, and loves to sing and perform.

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"Hey, Aspen" she little brunette-lunette said. I turned around, putting the best face on my face that I could." she asked nicely. I smiled, as I would on a show.

Quinn is so strong

I honestly hated Kurt during this scene. Quinn was like fucking Kenny from Southpark. Bad things never stopped happening to her and him saying that was so selfish of him. She deserved her happy ending at Yale with Puck.