Floral coca cola bottle.

Diet Coke Releases New Floral Cans Just For the Ladies

Motion Theater by Caroline Grohs, via Behance

German graphic designer Caroline Grohs created a great branding for a fictitious theater named "Motion Theater". "The logo intertwines the dancers movements and their connections to the theater, so that it

Extremely Rare Early 19th-century Wooden Doll with Eight-Leg Walking Body

Something about this doll resonates inside my heart of Edward-Gorey-and-Tim-Burton hearts. Rare early nineteenth century walking doll with eight legs that rotate like a wheel.


wire and tissue paper mask More wire and paper sculptures by Polly Verity

Natural world tent.

Bookish things for those with a fetish for books. Giant Book Tent: Jack Maxwell designed a tent for FieldCandy that looks lik

mushroom prints.

// mushroom prints~ remove the stem and lay the mushroom, gill side down, onto white paper. Spores make a picture. Adult supervision required- beware of poisonous mushrooms.- hate mushrooms but love the print