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Foto. W.Kasprzyk, Krucyfiks Wita Stwosza po konserwacji.

Foto. W.Kasprzyk, Krucyfiks Wita Stwosza po konserwacji.

Adoro te devote

† aт тнe croѕѕ i ѕυrrender мy liғe † i'м in awe oғ Yoυ † wнere Yoυr love ran red and мy ѕin waѕнed wнiтe † i owe all тo Yoυ Jeѕυѕ †


What a beautiful statue of Jesus in the midst of His Passion. Reminder of His utter loneliness, desolation, and pain. our own pain seem rather small.

San Pio da Pietralcina

Holy Relic Oil of St. Pio - Once again, the primary purpose of this Special Holy Oil is for Healing. Very good to have on hand and use daily if possible.

Today, September 15, we celebrate the Memorial of Our Sorrowful Mother Mary…

Imagine the pain and sorrow? Oh mother of God, my sweet sorrowful mother,being a mom myself,I don't even want to imagine this .Pray for us our Lady of sorrow.

"How sweet is the name of Jesus: sweet as honey to the lips, a delightful melody to the ears, giving great joy to the heart." ~ St. Louis de Montfort, 18th century

June is the month of the year that the Catholic Church dedicates to Sacred Heart of Jesus. But just what does a devotion to the Sacred Heart mean? Here are eight facts to get your month started righ