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a hand holding an envelope with red flowers on it
Illustration Sharing Page on Instagram: “Artist: @mypapertales | #IllustrationNow if you would like to be featured”
an envelope with a bear holding a sign that says harry and mellie do boy north
Free printables for mail-art
Adorable bear mail art
someone is holding their mail with stamps on it and there are three different things in front of them
When did you last send somebody a letter?
Make your mail beautiful with these free, downloadable illustrated envelope templates to print and paint
two hands holding small tags with trees and birds on them in front of a woman's face
For the love of snail mail- Tina from Germany
Cut outs, pictures of woodland animals, package snail mail, happyu mail, twine, brown, natural neutral colour palette. Seaweed Kisses: For the love of snail mail- Tina
someone holding up a piece of paper with the words getting a letter in the mail
DSCF4098 | Anna Niestroj | Flickr
a handmade card with the words dear written on it, and bunting flags
an open book with many different items on it
Making folder letters
Making folder letters #snailmail #letters #penpals