Robert Gray Burbridge

Robert Gray Burbridge

Robert Gray Burbridge
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Soft Light | by Simon Frambach

German design student Simon Frambach's prototype works like any other lamp except that its shade is made of soft, foamed polyurethane. You can use the Soft Light as a pillow or stuff it into dark corners.

This Clothes Rack Turns Your Mess Into Art | Akash Eskafi

The Berg by Akash Eskafi, a student from Sweden’s Konstfack, can make it into legitimate art. It is a modern clothing rack that is shaped like an iceberg, hence its name.

A Wooden Train Set That Lets Kids Compose Tunes | Ricardo Seola

ceyren: “ Sound track, by Ricardo Seola A Wooden Train Set That Lets Kids Compose Tune “One of the most important aspects of my childhood was playing with musical toys,” Seola remembers.