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Walk like you've been sent to murder captain America.

Repost because of the winter soldier and cap comment >>>> no but really tho! The Winter Soldier walk is just what confidence looks like on legs.

I'm literally done with this planet

This is why we need feminism. She saved 2 lives and all they care about is her fucking nipple. Why did this person not go help?<<< this is fucking ridiculous

Autumn explained it so so well.<<< not to mention he'll probably break the dishes from that so...

Autumn explained it so so well. Men should be EXPECTED to clean up after themselves, like all functional adult human beings do. No one deserves a reward for acting like they're supposed to.

Tja, kan het er alleen maar mee eens zijn!

Personally I would feel uncomfortable wearing that, but other women should not be condemned or forbid from wearing what they wish because it makes fuckboys and perverted men drool. Perfect comment I agree

Welllp I'm  not saying I support the violence don't get the wrong idea but you can see what they're trying to say

But can we make this regular behavior for rapist. Shot, decapitated and have their severed head hurdled around town just in case anyone didn't know they were a rapist so even in death their name would be dragged

I like her

I love this especially because you can't see all that much and that stupid chick had to make a very immature and unintelligent comment about a body that isn't her own. I'm glad that girl stuck up for herself!