Zygmunt Klimczuk

Zygmunt Klimczuk

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Part 2 of the dining room saga... So shortly after the table was done, we decided to tackle this, a new light fixture. Remember our old setup? the chandelier wasn't terrible. But it wasn't great ei...

Mountain Haus Wood Beam Light Fixture - Imgur


Deckenlampen - Massiv Holz Design Decken Lampe - ein Designerstück von MassivholzDesignHannover bei DaWanda

The saddle tilt angle up or down while cycling on a road bike can make a big difference. If improperly adjusted it can cause knee or back pain

this is amazing. you can see where you're going at night! i need one for walking!

ReeCharge™ Power Pack | BioLogic Bicycle Accessories and Bike Gear

5 Quick Tips to Keep Your Bike Running Its Best

It's almost like flying sometimes! #cycling