Zuzanna Kasterka
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beautiful skull artwork - Google Search
Pineapple tattoo
Skull Art by Xrista Stavrou could make a nice tattoo too
animal skull watercolor tattoo - Google Search
Dear, Flower deer Art Print by Minyo Planet - $17.00
I've seen stuff like this time and time again, but I never get tired of looking at it. Very pretty and simple :)
Just did a bit of photoshop layering with a few images I gathered together from the net and came up with this sort of deer/mandala combination. Need to do some shading work around the edges and add some of the other things I want and I will have the finished design that I want tattooed on my arm when I have laser removal.
Arrow tattoo. You have to decide what arrows you through at people and what arrows you let in.
Inspiration for my next one! Love this sugar skull tattoo. Beautiful.
Skull tatto