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two cartoon girls with ponytails and one has an angry look on her face
higugin chibi bsd
two women in dresses with strawberries on them, one holding a purse and the other wearing
Higuchi and gin with strawberry dresses :)
Got the idea from a pin
two cartoon characters are talking to each other
higugin gfs • bsd wan
two women are talking to each other
Gin e Higuchi | BSD
some comics with different faces and hair styles
Art by: mimakous on Instagram
an image of some anime characters together
Higugin adopted Elise
three anime characters holding champagne glasses in their hands and posing for the camera with flowers on their head
matching gin and higuchi icons <33
THE SAPPHICS <3333 (this is a edit btw not canon)
two anime characters with the words girlfriends
higugin canon