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Yes, I thought that Solar Rays looked like it would be a nice warm yellow and different enough from my Gelish. Oh why can't the online swatches be.

DIY do domu - ozdoba z róż - | Blog podszyty kobiecością

DIY do domu - ozdoba z róż - Moaa.

DIY face masks with food

Peaches - You’d better not let your dogs eat these. Peaches are bad for dogs. Peach pits contain a commonly known poison named as cyanide. Besides eating the whole pit can cause many other problems too.

4 Simple Honey Face Masks for Every Skin Type

4 Simple Honey Face Masks - I tried the & Face Mask for Acne-Prone Skin& today and am very pleased with the results! I let it sit for 30 minutes and can already see improvement in my complexion. Might try the mask for dry skin next.