Józef Haller

Polish Generał Józef Haller, in 1916 he fought with the Brigade of the Polish Legion against Russia. In 1918 he created what was known as the Blue Army (from the color of its French Uniforms, aka Haller's Army).

Stanisław Sosabowski

historywars: Stanisław Franciszek Sosabowski 8 May 1892 – 25 September was a Polish general in World War II. He fought in the Battle of Arnhem (Netherlands) in 1944 as commander of the Polish Independent Parachute Brigade.

Olga Drahonowska-Małkowska

You won’t believe how many Girl Scouts joined the Polish underground in WWII.

Andrzej Małkowski

Andrzej Małkowski

Janusz Korczak

Janusz Korczak was a world renowned educationalist. Despite having the chance to be sent to a safer camp, he refused and instead stayed with the children from his orphanage on their final journey to the death camp at Treblinka.