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an animated green bird sitting on top of a laptop computer with its eyes wide open
Se le escapó un pedete😂😳
Against Owl Odds
Brand New: New Logo for Duolingo done In-house
闪逛app项目总结|UI|APP界面|DirtyKidz - 原创作品
闪逛app项目总结|UI|APP界面|DirtyKidz - 原创作品 - 站酷 (ZCOOL)
Alphabet Soup created by Evan Hilton
Portfolio: Stop motion Tutorials: Instagram:
Portfolio: Stop motion Tutorials: Instagram:
a stack of white boxes sitting on top of a tiled floor next to a wall
infinte mint [loop]
⚆⚆ make sure you watch with audio, bubs ⚆⚆ Song Credits: Infinite Mint - Iglooghost Sooooooo here's some word vomit: I developed a lil algorithm to slice…
Tatline Neue — Groteskly Yours
Movements /// Tatline Neue by Groteskly Yours /// #seriffont #displayfont #typeanimation ##grotesklyyours #typography #slabserif
Market place
Market place by Motion Design School on Dribbble
This is Motion Graphics !
This is Motion Graphics ! on Behance
an image of a colorful balloon floating in the air with buildings on it's side
BMI - Helfende Hand Awards (Director's Cut)
THE HELFENDE HAND AWARDS – HONORING VOLUNTARY WORK In Germany there are over 1.7 Million voluntary workers that operate in a multitude of different fields.…