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a close up of a plant on the ground
Juniper Level Botanic Garden
JLBG: Hosta 'Mouse Trap'
a large yellow flower sitting on top of a lush green field
some very pretty green plants in the grass
Hosta Niagara Falls
close up of a green leafy plant with yellow flowers in the foreground and other plants in the background
Hosta Clear Fork River Valley Van Wade '07 One of the most heavily corrugated hostas
a green and white plant with lots of leaves
Интересные и необычные сорта хост
some white and green leaves in the grass
a green and yellow plant with large leaves
Hosta 'Bridal Falls' Beautiful
hosta of the week filagree
Photo Library
Photo Library
a close up of a plant with green leaves
Shadowland 'Watersli
a man standing in front of a large green leafy plant with lots of leaves on it
Kingsize Hosta
a person holding up a potted plant in front of a house with green leaves
a close up of a plant with green leaves in the foreground and dirt ground behind it
Hosta Waterslide