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Michał Łosiewicz

Michał Łosiewicz
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People should not judge me for wanting to be alone; I'm fine socially, but being alone allows me to be at my most creative and smartest state! Just cause Im an introvert means Im a lazy, selfish loner?

The Surreal Forests of Romania

The Surreal Forests of Romania-These lovely, ethereal photos of mist-filled forests were captured by brothers Andrei and Sergiu Cosma of PhotoCosma who live and work in Romania

bond...josh bond

We are counting down the days to see this dapper bad ass save the world from peril in the instalment of James Bond: Spectre. Who has copped tickets for opening night?


Sean Connery as James Bond (Diamonds are Forever) Plenty O'Toole in the background.

harrier hover

Start your own Top Gun academy with the purchase of one of these Sea Harrier fighter jets. For a measly mil, you and a friend named Goose can own a retired Royal Navy Harrier jet to take you to the world's most exotic locations at a moments notice.

It's the Sony Walkman.

Create Digital Music has a nice piece on the Walkman's Birthday. Pretty surprising actually, I don't think I became aware of the Walkman until or so. Peter Kirn makes a good point: "Sony o.