Zdzislaw Janeczko

Zdzislaw Janeczko

Zdzislaw Janeczko
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SUNSET PORTRAIT – STROBIST SETUP – LIGHTING SCHEME Strobist Lighting Setup 1 x White Umbrella 2 x Canon 430EX II 1 x Asistent 1 x Cosplay Model 1 x Sun

Sunset Portrait – Strobist Setup – Lighting Scheme :: best Best idea canon canon 430 EX II creative Crosslighting custom light DIY fancy flash girl Haw to Hawto Hina Ichigo Cosplay idea info inspiration learn LIGHT Lighting Scheme Lighting Tricks

Long exposure photography

Long exposure Photography examples are displayed here. Photography is one of the most popular creative arts of today’s world. Photography started long back with the invention of camera but over the…


Macro Photography is a photographic field is to shoot small things in large scale. There are various ways for taking Macro, common techniques are listed here. * See this great writeup.