Aron Demetz - Venezia - sculpture

Aron Demetz - Venezia - sculpture I love how this carved wood looks like it could be a painting

Bruno Walpoth

Title unknown by Italian sculptor Bruno Walpoth Wood. via the artist's site

Alphonse Mucha - Iris

Page: Iris Artist: Alphonse Mucha Style: Art Nouveau (Modern) Genre: sketch Tags: designs-and-sketches

az5.jpg (800×1054)

Zair Isaakovich Azgur was a Belarusian sculptor active during the Soviet period.( This awesome sculpture is so lifelike, the detail accentuates the hard life such a peasant endured in the Russia of this era !

Manuel Martí Moreno

Figurative Sculptures by Manuel Martí Moreno sculpture metal faces. Sculptor Manuel Martí Moreno lives and works in Valencia, Spain and forms these wonderful figurative pieces out of iron nuts.

Amazingly Realistic Sugar Sculptures in the Female Form - My Modern Metropolis

Amazingly Realistic Sugar Sculptures in the Female Form

Sculpted in preserved sugar! Joseph Marr, this series of "Laura" sculptures are lifelike human forms sculpted completely out of preserved sugar.

mario dilitz: lifesize wooden sculptures bear human emotion

austrian artist mario dilitz is the creator of a series of highly detailed wooden sculptures whose lifelike facial expressions expose the human condition.

Very realistic wood scultpure. #art #wood #sculptures

Bruno Walpoth uses simple carving tools to turn pieces of wood (lime and walnut) into human sculptures (Thx Hermann)

Wood sculptures by Aaron Demetz

workman: “ svdp: Phenomenal wood carvings by Italian sculptor Aaron Demetz . Part of an upcoming exhibition titled “Tainted” at the Gazelli Art House in London. Working in wood, Demetz uses this.