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1890 -----  A woman in crinoline requires the help of long poles to put on her dress. c 1890

I would hate to get dressed this way everyday. 1860 woman wearing a crinoline being dressed with the aid of long poles to lift her dress over the hoops. Photo by London Stereoscopic Company via Getty

World War II in Color: The Italian Campaign and the Road to Rome | Italians watch as the Americans drive on towards Rome.

Color Photos of The Italian Campaign of World War II, 1944 Italians watch American armor pass during the drive towards Rome along the Appian Way, World War II

17240302_698381870332987_7429532541369192121_o.jpg (1421×2048)

Here are the pieces I did for the Ancient Civilizations Character Design contest hosted by Artstation. Unfortunately I ran out of time and only managed to get 5 out of the 10 finished but I do plan on doing the rest on my spare time.

Borislav Mitkov - Illustration/Concept Art: Old Warrior, daily sketch

Borislav Mitkov - Illustration/Concept Art This helmet is also similar to the basic form of the Mu’ugalavyáni "cookpot" helms.

'Buignon Le Grand' animation by Stephen Loveluck

" (second teaser for a comic/animation in the works.) I'm creating a fabled story set in Western Expansion Appalachia, on the heels of…