Aleksandra Zasadzka

Aleksandra Zasadzka

Konin, Poland  ·  Cats. Dreamcatchers. Books. Beautiful people. Beautiful places - to visit&to live in.
Aleksandra Zasadzka
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Lemony Snicket’s dedications to Beatrice in A Series of Unfortunate Events The fact that her death and everything was real just breaks my heart. Whenever Snicket talks about it it makes me so broken hearted.


All puns aside, Samantha has endless (and uncensored) wisdom when it comes to life, love, and sex. Now that a younger version of the Sex and the City character is joining The Carrie Diaries (played by

90s Throwback: Johnny Depp & Kate Moss

mentallistic: “tortured—dreams: “sadchills: “ hurtlamb: “ The Nineties seem to be a very popular trend right now and I have to mention couple of all couples, Johnny Depp & Kate Moss. Johnny and Kate.