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Uri Masclans on

Intelligence Collective, by Oriol Masclans #photography

To Do List - NYC public art installation - Post It, um trabalho todo ele feito com post it é um trabalho que fica muito bem economicamente e é rápido e fácil de fazer .

Hosier Lane Street Art

Hosier Lane Street Art Courtesy of @brianthio

Free People Present ‘Love Story’ with Jason Lee Parry & Jenny Parry

Photo (classic librarian)

Open w/ Nora))) Everything felt off, even the once beautiful gardens now seemed bland to me. I curled up on the windowsill like I had used to, to think. Before the funeral I had started distancing myself and nobody seemed to notice, I was surprised I hadn't been eliminated. Nobody picked up on my sudden change so I gladly kept to myself. Deep in thought I didn't notice I had began crying, or notice you saying something. Glancing up I slid off the windowsill "I'm sorry, but could you repeat…

train platform in the night lights

Ocean Park Woods by Daniel Berman