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Moisturizing Orange face Mask - A all-natural moisturizing face mask to soothe dry winter skin. Food for your face!

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DIY: berry lip stain


Make a natural lip stain out of berries and olive oil / 23 DIY Natural Beauty Tips

DIY: dry shampoo

DIY Dry Shampoo- cup baking soda and cup corn starch blend, sprinkle in hair and thoroughly brush out

DIY: grapefruit sugar lip scrub

DIY ::: Grapefruit Sugar Lip Scrub ::: For a Silky smooth Summer ready lips!

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The Blossom Glow.

steam face to open your pores (or take a hot shower) on clean skin, apply your mixture of honey and lemon all over let the mask sink in for 20 minutes (take a cat nap!) Wash off with warm water and a final splash of cold water to close pores

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Eye Makeup tips for beginners . Would you have been able to match the right tool/brush to the right face area?

I got a facial recently. It was two hours long. It was heavenly. I visited Isabelle Bellis in New York City, whose studio looks like a small, cozy.

Yogurt and Honey Moisturizing Mask:  Add one teaspoon organic honey and one teaspoon wheatgerm oil to two tablespoons of plain greek yogurt. Apply to face and decollete area and leave on for 20 minutes while you lie down and relax. Rinse off using rosewater and gently pat dry.  Optional: check out a meditation to listen to while you’ve got your pampering mask on. They’ll boost your mood and relieve beauty-sabotaging stress. My favorites? #DanielleLaPorte and #StinHansen of #MeditationStation

try a yogurt-and-honey mask—plain, full-fat yogurt is rich in lactic acid, and the honey is soothing and antibacterial. It exfoliates and makes the skin look dewier.

#DIY Manicure

DIY Step-by-step Manicure Don't forget to clean all oil and lotion residue from your nails before applying the basecoat!

3-Pronged Natural Treatment Plan to Cure Dry Skin in 6 Weeks (Developed by a Professional Esthetician Instructor at Aveda and a professional beauty blogger.) The three- pronged approach uses nutrition, natural supplements, and DIY all-natural beauty products that are completely toxin free.

Save a Skin-Care Step Instead of using a separate astringent or toner to smooth your skin, wash your face with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. This ingredient breaks down and removes dead skin cells to keep your pores clean.

Makeover Tips.

Smoky eye tip - As you line your upper lash line, smudge the line with your finger, blink repeatedly, then blend. Keep blending and applying additional layers of pencil until you get the density of smoke you want or you run out of time.