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Sources: Schildkrout, Enid. "Inscribing the Body." Annual Review of Anthropology 33 (2004): 319-344.;;;
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2 Jack (Matthew Fox) is an American surgeon who after the plane crash becomes sort of a leader to the rest of the survivors. He provides guidance and unites people, helping them build a community. He has three tattoos: on his left shoulder, left elbow, and left forearm.


5 In “Stranger in a Strange Land,” Jack is held captive on Hydra Island. One of its inhabitants, Isabel, translates his tattoo as him not being one of those around him. He claims that she knows what the writing says, but not what it means. Nevertheless, Isabel's interpretation matches the episode as in the flashback the viewers see Jack with a kite, which represents the tattoo's literal translation “Eagles high, cleaving sky,” and marks Jack's inner freedom, independence, and bravery.

1 Lost is an ABC's drama TV show following the survivors of a plane crash. Trapped on a tropical island, they struggle to stay alive in an unknown, dangerous environment. Here they encounter a monster, violent occupants of the island, its unearthly inhabitants, polar bears, and other dangerous creatures. The plotline is full of mysteries. Each character carries his/her own secret which contributes to the story. Sequences of flashbacks and flash-forwards make the show complex and exciting.

6 In Lost, Fox's real tattoos were incorporated into the story. Instead of hiding the actor's personal ink, the producers decided to make it a part of the show. It made his character more authentic and added a new dimension to his character. According to Enid Schildkrout, tattoos "elucidates the relationship between the surface of the body and the idea of the person" (Schildkrout, "Inscribing the Body," 321.). On the show, the tattoos mark Jack's position as a leader and express his…

3 The tattoo on Jack's left shoulder has the number "5" with four Chinese characters underneath it. It translates as "Hawk in the expansive sky" or "Eagles high, cleaving sky," but according to one of the characters, the island's native inhabitant named Isabel, the tattoo literally means "He walks amongst us but he is not one of us." In the episode "Stranger in a Strange Land," it is revealed that Jack got his tattoo in Phuket, Thailand. It was done by a local woman named Achara.

4 Jack's chinese tattoo has a few meanings. It was given to him by Achara, a woman who claims that she can see people's inner identities and mark them with the signs of who they really are. In her opinion, Jack is a great man, the leader type, but because of it, he is often lonely, frightened, or even angry. All these qualities turn out to be true and help him establish his position as a leader on the island.