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Mekakucity Actors Mary x Seto, finished this anime a while ago it came out in spring hasnt been dubbed yet but there is subbed version. Its a really good anime based on a song series, check out Kagerou Days and Kisaragi Attention on Youtube both are good songs~!

I really feel like this is Mavis and Zeref, if it is I SHIP IT! If not, I still SHIP IT!<--- Mary and Seto. Sad how nobody knows kagerou days anymore

Acayia {Maryanneleslie}

The hibiscus flower of the majagua tree Hibiscus tiliaceus lends pink to the hair of possibly the most stylish mermaid these depths have ever seen; watercolor mastery from~Maryanneleslie.

DeviantArt: More Like YCH auction (closed) by shrimpHEBY

For couples and best friends SB: 400 USD AB: 2000 USD Please bid on the right bidding comment and reply to the higgest bidder with your bid Bidding ends 24 hours after first bid any speci. Base for swing

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March - Thumbelina Next page of Cruel Fairytales - my calendar for I'm planning to draw one page each month and print the calendar at the end of t.