Water Violet

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Bach Flower Cards - WATER VIOLET

Bach Flower Cards - WATER VIOLET

Bach Flower Remedy, Water violet - helping us when we feel withdrawn and distant from others. Restoring the warmth to our relationships and helping us to connect with others again.

‘Water-violet’ by Roger Butterfield

'Water-violet' by Roger Butterfield. Water-violet (Hottonia palustris). Photographed at Potteric Carr, South Yorkshire (UK). More info to be added.

Wild Rose Bach Flower Remedy for resigned, apathetic, bored Celtic Zodiac Signs, Water Violet, Elixir Floral, Bach Flowers, Botanical Decor, Natural Health Remedies, Book Of Shadows, Flower Power, Homeopathy

Water Violet Bach Flower Remedy for grief, isolation, detached

Remedy for grief, detached, isolation

Speed Dating - Water Violet Flower Essence for Exaggerated pride Independence and Arrogance


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UNA FLOR DE BACH PARA CADA DIA DE SEPTIEMBRE: WATER VIOLET MES DEL TERAPEUTA FLORAL Día 28 Water Violet (Hottonia palustris) - Nombre popular: Violeta de agua Cualidad negativa: orgullo, reserva, soledad Cualidad positiva: humildad y sabiduría ¿Cuándo estamos en estado Water Violet? Cuando… Nos sentimos a veces aislados, “excluídos” a raíz de nuestra superioridad Actuamos de manera altanera u orgullosa No toleramos que otros se inmiscuyan en nuestros asuntos Arreglamos todo por nosotros…

Water Violet

Water Violet

The Water Violet personality type is often an old soul, naturally wise and sensitive. She is sure-footed on her own path in life, in general not bothered about interacting with people, may feel proud and come across… Water Violet, Bach Flowers, Old Soul, Tarot, Remedies, Healing, Joy, Benefit, Coaching

Water Violet

Water Violet is one of the remedies I feel Lightworkers would benefit from, to stop isolating themselves and take their mission into the world with joy.