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The Fazilka border with Pakistan can be one of the most tense places on the planet. To my surprise, despite the bravado, after the military demonstrations, the people from both the Indian and Pakistani sides rushed to the fence and did two things. They waved their hands high in friendship and took photos with mobiles, highlighting that the tension between the two nations was one of politics and not between people.

Ferozepur, June 7, 2013: A mixture of Mughal’s Empire British India and Vastu Kala based, artistically constructed clock tower in the centre of the city Fazilka, known as Bangla in old times has turned 74 years old June 6. The construction of 95 feet high monument was started in 1936 and completed on June 6, 1939. The original name of this historical building is Ram Narayan Ghantaghar which was dedicated to the public by Seth Shopat Rai Pediwal RAi Sahib Madan Gopal Pediwal.

IR WP 7161 / Northern Railway Rewari Fazilka Section — Trainspo