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Herywalery - partner design

Bartosz Bartosiński was born in 1978. Graduated from the Warsaw Technical University and European Academy of Photography. Since then he lives as a freelancer. Now he is act as a upcycling craftsman. Moreover he is webdesigner and photographer. He was a participant of design festivals in Poland and abroad. His objects are owned by young art collectors and exposed at auctions. He is also a part of the Polish-British project related to the interactive impact on the audience “Let’s do it together”.
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„Radioactive Knight” is a lamp made of bottle with two tube holes. Shade is made from upcycled parts of various devices. It was kind of surprise when I saw that lamp gives a light in a shape of radioactive sign. Together with lava inside the bottle it makes connection between atmospheric feel and catastrophic look.

This chandelier is both cozy and raw, not necessarily to read books, ideal for pubs or special-purpose rooms. Made of plastic bottles and basket for test-tube. For electricity transport yellow textile polyester cable has been used (~3m length) . All is entangled with metal perforated tape fixed with screws to make it solid.

"Cyclope" - this is simply the masterwork! One of my first lamps, with cooperation with my friend, it took about one year to finish it without any compromises. Made from stage platform support found by the Vistula river just before big wave has been cleaning embankment. This base element kept to a small extent its original dark blue color, but corrosion fought tooth and nail. A glass element is the BMW headlight lens. It's red painted around with some opacity.

This is S/M style chandelier - raw, symmetric and as plain as possible. It gives web-like shadows on ceiling. It’s made with 9 test-tube baskets bought from Polish Army. I skew some of them and connect all of them with wire

It’s a simple chandelier less than 50cm diameter composed of metal baskets connected with plastic cable ties in a smart way, so they solid fixed.

„Trapped fruit drop” is a table lamp hard to classify. On the one hand color and a tambour refers to the infantile ones, on the other hand this style broken by the metal basket, which gives a lamp more severe nature. This jarring eclecticism results recipient can be anyone who treats decorating with a pinch of salt. Certainly the light from the lamp is very nice to chill out.