yo face nobody epic

yo face nobody epic

yo face nobody epic
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The walking dead

True story for all rednecks, like me. Yall are gonna come running when it happens, and I'm gonna tell you to fend for yourself in the sweetest, nicest country accent ever.

Name your wifi network FBI Surveillance Van & freak out the neighbors

This makes me laugh - name your wifi network 'FBI Surveillance Van' and freak out the neighbors. Funny thing is, I hope that the FBI is smart enough to name their wi-fi networks something a little more subtle.

Moth is coming for you.

15 Parents Who Haven't Got the Hang of this Texting Thing Yet - Parents and technology don't always work well together, but when they do, magic happens. Here's a list of 15 hilarious texts from parents who are totally nailing this parenting thing.

you tell these people post

Like the Freaking Kardashians.That Stupid Honey Boo Boo thing & every other dumb idiot who gets their own reality TV Show.Reality TV is the downfall of the American Society People!