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Understanding depression: What is depression? Who is at risk for depression? Areas of the brain Affected by depression; Signs and Symptoms of Major Depression; Types of depression;

Heathers Helpers is a blog offering support to people with PTSD, DID, other mental health issues, and real compassion for those who love us or wish to be better educated on these topics.

PTSD ~ because yeah, dealing with a disability and other people's attitudes about it really hurts.

I went around and around with my ex trying to get him to go for PTSD treatment.  He is a Vietnam combat veteran.  He wouldn't go.  All along I needed to get treated but had never been diagnosed.  I have been now and it is a rough process going thru therapy.

PTSD - This has changed my entire life and personality. After 5 years of isolation, depression, fear and being in a constant fight or flight state I'm finally starting to feel strong enough to deal with it. It's like purposely pouring salt and alcohol int

...and gender. People with eating disorders are stereotyped as paper thin, young girls. Both men and women at any age or weight can suffer from an eating disorder. We are never not susceptible to low self esteem, poor body image etc. People with bulimia nervosa are more often than not "normal sized" or overweight. Eating disorders don't discriminate.

If youve been diagnosed and dont feel as if you deserve to be treated because youre comparing yourself, you need to know that its your eating disorder trying to sabotage your recovery. a-recovery-board

Occupational Therapy: A break down of the specific areas OT may work with children in...there are interventions that you learn in OT to help improve and empower the individual for daily living - repinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our ped therapy, school & special ed pins

Occupational Therapy/Life Skills Curriculum (plus Academic). Don't know where this graphic came from but it is perfect to keep adults on track with what students in life skills classes need to master.