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Calendar House: Chapter 4 - Forms of Time
a bronze sculpture of a bull's head with long horns on a marble base
Ancient Minoan Bull Head Bronze Statue, Museum Replica Sculpture, Greek Mythology Minotaur, Taurus Constellation Zodiac Gift
Bull Bronze Sculpture, Greece Crete Minoan Sculpture, Bronze Verdigris Minotaur, Greek Mythology, Bull Statue, Taurus
Cretan archer Archer, Macedonian, Greek Warrior, Antigua, Century, The Death
Cretan archer
an old metal pitcher with a handle on it
Museum of Cycladic Art
Cypriot 1650-1450 BC
a minion saying i don't like to call it revenge returning the flavor sounds nicer
24 Funny Minion Wisdom Quotes
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a woman with long hair is holding a snake in her right hand while standing on the beach
Holy families
Little is known about the Minoan snake goddess, so named by Sir Arthur Evans who excavated Knossos and named the Cretan culture "Minoan" after its legendary King, Minos. Until Linear A, which developed about 2000 BCE, is deciphered, this iconic figure's true meaning/purpose in Minoan culture will remain a mystery. She might represent a goddess, a snake charmer, a dancing girl or something else entirely.
an old vase with designs on it
Minoan Art Pottery
Minoan Art Pottery | Mycenaean fish and octopus pitcher
an old clay vase is on display in a glass case with a black back ground
A Minoan adventure at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: Journey with the History Guru to England and Spa
A Minoan bee smoker (1700-1450 B.C.) Honey was an important commodity for the Minoans. Linear B tablets testify to this important agricultural industry. A smoking terracotta piece was displayed which served the purpose of quietening the hive with the introduction of smoke. It was found in the 'House of Sacrificed Oxen'
an ancient statue next to a ruler on a white background with room for text or image
Invaluable Middle-Minoan Kouros was found in the possession of looters
Middle-Minoan Kouros 16th-15th c. BC was found in the possession of looters. four people arrested
a statue of a bull's head with long horns
Bull's Head Rhyton. Crete, Minoan, 1550 BCE
an old building that has been torn down and is surrounded by stone walls with red pillars
Palacio de Cnosos. Hogar del Minotauro.
a native american man with a bow and arrow in his hand standing on a dirt road
Browse Drawings & Paintings | Digital Art | DeviantArt
Minoan Archer by LordGood
a clay model of a building on display in a glass case with yellow walls behind it
Clay model of a Minoan house, 1600 BC, Knossos, Crete, Greece
an architectural rendering of a building with multiple levels and sections, all in different colors
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