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WWF posters | Alicia Cairns | Regràfica
Issues that matter
Save the beach | please don't be a fucking piece of human garbage this beach season! Don't liter; don't be gross; don't pull animals out of the water for selfies; don't forget to help animals back INTO the water bc you're too busy taking selfies; in face, humans: just fuck off about animals on the beach. Use Hawaii rules: do not fucking touch. K? Thx
WWF special galleries - Tiger Posters - Lost Cat, Tania Dallaire & Elena Viltovskaia, Canada
Detached house in Kifissia, Athens / Katerina Valsamaki
Creative WWF ad: What will it take before we respect the planet?
Dubai Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
WWF Campaign by Marcin Budziński
Voici une série d’affiches conçues par le graphiste designer Marcin Budzinski, étudiant à l’Académie des Beaux Arts de Gdansk. La WWF envisage de les utiliser en Pologne. Pour l’ONG : Tuer un animal pour la nourriture est acceptable et fait partie des lois de la nature.
Impactant but really this is going to be the human race in a few years wondering what the hell we did